El Patio Chicken Rice Soup                                                Delicious Veggies, shredded chicken breast and fluffy rice all coming together with a tasteful broth.                  Cup $4.25    Bowl $5.95    Quart $9.95

Caldo de Res                                                                                          Homemade beef soup that consist of beef cubes and an array of delicious vegetables. Served with a side of rice, cilantro, onion, lime and your choice of corn or flour tortillas.                                                                                            Large $12.95 Half $9.95

Menudo                                                                                                Served along with its garnishes and corn or flour tortillas.                                                                                                        Large $12.95 Half $9.95


House Green Salad $5.95                                                          Mixed green lettuce served with tomato, onion slices and cheddar cheese.

Fajita Salad Chicken $12.95                                                        Flat tortilla shell topped with green salad mix, tomatoes, jack cheese, avocado and your choice of fajitas.
Steak $ 13.95    Shrimp $13.95

El Patio Salad Bowl Grilled                                                                Flour tortilla shell filled with refried beans, rice, salad mix, red onions, tomatoes, corn, cilantro, black beans and jack cheese.                                                                          Chicken $10.95    Steak $11.95                                                      Shrimp $14.95      Salmon $13.95   Add avocado $ 2.95

Super Tostada $10.95                                                                      Two tostada shells topped with refried beans, your choice of beef, chicken or chile verde. Lettuce, jack cheese, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole.               Sub: Carnitas, Steak, Grilled Chicken, Pastor               Add $1.95