El Patio Original Banquet Room

The banquet room at El Patio Original requires a minimum of 50 guests and can accommodate up to 200. In order to book an event the deposit, cleaning fee and 30% of the estimate food cost must be paid. The date can not be held without deposit being paid. Food is servedĀ buffet style. Banquet room is first come first serve. We have available to rent colored linen, centerpieces and everything you need to make your even great.

Price Packages

Prices for the banquet room depend on how long you need the room and what type of event you are interested in having. Prices for banquet room are as follows:

Event package 1

  • 4 hours of room rental
  • $300 plus $200 cleaning deposit
  • EventĀ  ending at 10pm
  • $175 every additional hour before or up to midnight

Event package 2

  • 6 hours of room rental and dance floor
  • $700 plus $200 cleaning deposit
  • Event ending at 11pm
  • $175 every additional hour before or up to midnight

Pricing for food

Pricing for food is based on Mexican food selection. Other types/styles of food are available at a different cost. Cost would depend on food selection. Prices for food are as follows per year person:

  • Two Item Dinner no salad: $17.25
  • Two Item Dinner w/ salad: $18.25
  • Three Item Dinner no salad: $19.50
  • Three Item Dinner w/ salad: $20.50

All prices include soft drinks, chips and salsa.